We′re a garment manufacturing company that specializes in clothing for stylish  women dresses,

With its over 18 years of experience in both fashion industry and designing infrastructur, Sofmina is one of the leading  player the Turkish modest fashion and women dressing market today

Sofmina  is moving rapidly towards becoming a world brand that produces ready- made clothing of high quality.

What We Do ?

We offer our expertise in manufacturing ,sourcing, and merchandising in the garment textile industry.

We serve for  women’s desire to wear the clothes that fit the life and times they live in.

We create quality apparel for women who believe  fashion is not about showing the world your style – it is simply about being true to yourself.

We provide on-demand development services to ensure your products are created to your exact specifications and are ready for worldwide release

We are dedicated to providing our customers with fashion forward styles, while never compromising on the concept of modest fashion


Sofmina ; carefully analyzes all the processes from design to shipment, and determines an reasonable terms and  pricing strategy.


Garments; Dress, Evening Dress, Blouse, Tunic, Skirt, Pants, Track Suit, Shirt, Vest

OutDoor Clothes; Overoat, Topcoat, Coat, Trench coat, Abaya, Poncho, Jacket, Top Coat


Our Services

We are candidate to be your business solution partner ,Our  service is dedicated to answering our clients’ needs and to finding the best solution for ever business who involves in appreal industry. We continuously keep up with trends and innovations in order to provide an extensive  existing designs, while also providing custom solutions and on-demand alternatives.

We source and develop the latest fabrics, finishes and washes ahead of the market. We work closely with our extensive network of mills in order to provide premium quality fabrics ands yarn that best fit our customer’s price specifications.

One of our fundamental strategy is perfection in the supply chain. No matter the volume, all orders are put to production only after finding the best fitting production chain. To achieve this, we have set up workshops run by our team of well-trained and experienced professionals. We also work with many highly-capacitated subcontractors so that we can ensure timely production and delivery of even time-sensitive high-volume requests.
Sourcing & Supply
We are an international manufacture and supplier company providing professional guidance in sourcing of textiles and ready-made garments around the globe.

These features require sustainable competence in supply chain management.  Sofmina stand out with their success in strategic value supply chain management.

With it is talented and well experienced fabric&accessories team in the field, we strongly believe that we have the ability to evaluate every step from the customer’s point of view.

We have own  employed merchandisers with fashion sourcing expertised for oursource products from subcontractor partners)

Our merchandisers monitor the business and communication between clients, POPs, designers and quality controllers and also spend considerable time on the design development process.

Our research and development team works thoroughly to find unique fabrics and stay ahead of developing fashion trends

We always offer our efforts to find new  designes and complete collections for our buyers. Market intelligence is always KEY factor in our business.

We serve our experience,manufacture abilities and organization skill to our partner who also need supplier with own brand, We coordinate with each of our customers to define the best design, products and finally full collection design according to the fabrics selected organizing our manufacturing process to define the Best Delivery Time  in order to support your market requirements.
Logistic and Shipment Organizations
We treat your business like our own, and aim to succeed with you. To ensure that your orders are shipped correctly, efficiently and safely, we have a detailed infrastructure that monitor every step of the logistics and distribution process.

We are also with you to provide guide for freight reservatioms,partial loading,vessel,truck,aircargo organizations

Why work with us?

With its unique designs of today’s fashion sense, Sofmina offers a wide range of services to its followers every season. Its collections include the fashion of the season and world trends. . Elegance is available to everyone who wants to identify themselves – a variety of offers through many combinations and alternatives. In addition, Sofmina has a resilient structure that can cater for all segments and respond to any demand

  • Excellent Quality and Products catered to your needs
  • We focus on Quality rather than Quantity
  • Competitive prices
  • State of the art Production Monitoring and Quality System
  • Tailor Made collections specially for you
  • Excellent track record and lowest claim rates
  • Has professional management and talented team
  • Being a solution partner for all your spesific needs

Modern, Modest and Elegant:

That’s our motto while selecting our merchandise. We want you to wear your modesty with attitude, elegance, and confidence and that takes a lot of effort and brainstorming.

Our Strenghts

  • Transparency and honesty
  • Organizational skill
  • Create quick and suntainability solutions
  • Design and collection abailities
  • Product development
  • Provide logistic services
  • Wide product Range
  • Private Label and Customized production
  • Quality and Comfort
  • Good Labor Work

Latest Posts

We have been participated life style modest fashion fairs for domestic and international visitors

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