What Makes Turkey a Great Apparel Sourcing Destination for Europe?

What Makes Turkey a Great Apparel Sourcing Destination for Europe?

Textile industry in Turkey is gaining more importance in 2020. Turkey is one of the largest textiles and clothing producing countries in the world and the 6th most significant supplier in the world and the 3rd largest supplier to the EU. Turkey’s textile industry is of great importance in the European and North American textile trade.

The Turkish textile and ready-to-wear industry currently employ more than one million people. The textile industry and its supporting sub-sectors now employ a total of 1.67 million people, and this number will increase in the coming years due to additional investments and increased exports.

As Turkey’s trade minister said, Turkey exported some $17.7 billion worth of ready-to-wear products in 2019. Turkish manufacturers are now seeking to seize the window of opportunity created by coronavirus-affected China, which is expected to suffer from production delays of five-six months in 2020.

Over the recent years, Turkey has emerged to be one of the most prominent locations for sourcing in Europe. The fashion industry contributes a lot to the flourishing of the Turkish economy. As per the reports of the market research in 2020, textiles comprise of the largest share of 18.5% of total goods exported from Turkey. Though the nation has gone through disruptions in the political sphere, it has always been ahead of others in supplying apparel to Britain. Turkey is a central market for several UK fashion brands and traders. Though procurement in Turkey is expensive as compared to their counterparts in Asia, Turkish companies can provide delivery of products in short order and on a frequent basis. The level of production costs in Turkey is higher in comparison to common Far East sourcing places.

Turkey provides a well-developed supply chain, where buyers can get almost every fabric, embroidery and cleansing required for maintenance of garments in the country. The nation is recognized worldwide for its fashionable textiles and clothing manufacturing commerce.

As the producers in Turkey are efficient in manufacturing a diverse range of fabric and finishes, all activities related to garment production can be carried out in the country with ease. They offer high-quality garments and that too at very  competitive  rates.

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