Why work with us?

With its unique designs of today’s fashion sense, Sofmina offers a wide range of services to its followers every season. Its collections include the fashion of the season and world trends. Elegance is available to everyone who wants to identify themselves – a variety of offers through many combinations and alternatives. In addition, Sofmina has a resilient structure that can cater for all segments and respond to any demand

  • Excellent Quality and Products catered to your needs
  • We focus on Quality rather than Quantity
  • Competitive prices
  • State of the art Production Monitoring and Quality System
  • Tailor Made collections specially for you
  • Excellent track record and lowest claim rates
  • Has professional management and talented team
  • Being a solution partner for all your spesific needs






Demand Clarification
In order to provide best service we understand clearly the needs  of  client,

We do pre- sampling costing exercice,After the dealing for price negotation we skip the next stage

Design and Sampling
Design and Sampling – the important process stays strong among our core strengths. In the first phase, the design idea is developed and an analysis is done by the sampling and development teams according to your instructions

After approval of the designs, we create a sample and test it for quality, resistance and durability, to ensure that the final result fully complies with your expectations.

Fabrics And Auxiliary Material Supplying Processes
Production of fully finished client demands including the sourcing of required fabric and materials
Manufacture ,Tailoring And Labor work
We are  following steps  before track the order ;

Cutting Sewing,Quality ControlLabeling,Packaging

Shipment Organization

“We are committed to provide our clients EU standards service packages to generate high level of customer satisfaction”

According to our agreement for delivery term with customer , we cordinate the order shipment.